Privacy Policy highly respects the privacy of its visitors. Therefore, here we will describe the different types of personal data from visitors that we record and collect by us and how we use that data.

Log Files

Like other websites, makes use of log files. Various information contained in the file includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date and time, pages visited, and the number of clicks made. All this data is used to analyze trends, visitor behavior, and demographic information. We do not use this data to track the personal identity of visitors.

Cookies Cookies uses cookies to collect information about the activities performed by visitors. We also work with Google Adsense and other third parties to serve ads that retrieve information from these cookies. If you wish to disable these cookies, please disable cookies directly through the browser you are using.


If you require any other information or have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy document, please contact us by email to or via the contact page.

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